Trimlite Harlow Glass Door system with two sidelites. 
System includes 3/4 length decorative glass as shown in picture.

Door systems can be 64 1/2" wide OR 68 1/2" wide x 81 5/8" high

Door and sidelite panels are woodgrain fiberglass. The above price includes the door system primed white inside and outside. 
The door frame is 4 9/16" deep woodgrain composite with composite brickmould supplied loose or installed on door system.

Door system can be stained on the outside in our stock stain colors or painted on the outside in your choice of paint color for an additional charge of $200.00. All door systems are primed white inside.

Limited quantity. 3-4 week lead time

Doors are double 32" smooth fiberglass panels only
Doors include full length venting door glass with
white internal grills
Includes a 4 9/16" primed wood frame
Brickmould is supplied loose

Approximate frame size: 66" wide s 81 3/4" high

Additional charge for 6 9/16" primed wood frame is $80.00

Door system takes approximately 2-3 weeks from order date
9 Piece Kitchen Set as shown in 3D picture below
White Shaker $1399.00
Chocolate Pear (dark shaker) $1599.00
Richmond Auburn $1799.00
9 Piece Special includes the following cabinets

1 x W3315 (wall cabinet 33" wide x 15" high)
1 x W1830 (wall cabinet 18" wide x 30" high)
1 x W3015 (wall cabinet 30" wide x 15" high)
1 x W1230 (wall cabinet 12" wide x 30" high)
1 x WDC2430 (wall diagonal cabinet 24" wide x 30" high)
1 x W2430 (wall cabinet 24" wide x 30" high)
1 x DB18 (base cabinet, 3 drawers, 18" wide)
1 x DCB3612 (base cabinet lazy susan 36" x 36")
1 x SB36 (sink base cabinet 36" wide)

Additional cabinets can be purchased at an additional cost.
Special does not include appliances, countertop, decorative cabinet hardware or installation.
36" Smooth Fiberglass door system with two sidelites
Door includes a 3/4 length decorative patina glass
Sidelites include full length decorative patina glass
System includes a 4 9/16" primed wood frame
Approximate Frame size: 67 1/2" wide x 82" high

Only 10 systems available
Door will be ready for pick up approximately 2-3 weeks after ordering